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The Original Raisinwitch

The Original RaisinWich / Paris OGAWAKEN

* 10 pieces in a gift box : 1,000 Yen + TAX
* 5 pieces in a gift box : 571 Yen + TAX

The Original RaisinWich was invented by OGAWAKEN about 40 years ago. Then this sweets has been loved by lots of customers for souvenirs or gifts of Tokyo, Japan.

The Original RaisinWich is that raisins and special cream are sandwiched by two cookies. Detail features are below;

 - Rich vanilla-flavored and rich butter-taste cookie
 - Lots of ”rum-steeped and juiciness raisins” which are sandwiched by two cookies
 - Special cream which is made by special recipe

Paris OGAWAKEN has made the Original RaisinWich in a fine balance for about 40 years – Cream, Raisins and Cookies.

Keeping this fine balance, we strictly check temperature and humidity management of ingredients in our own factory, everyday – butter, wheat, milk, eggs, sugar…
And we also carefully check how to roast cookies, freshness of raisins and cream.

So, we have pride in quality of the Original RaisinWich.

The Original RaisinWich is sold only in Meguro Shop and Shimbashi Shop – Shimbashi Branch are so close to Ginza, Tokyo.

If you already schedule when you come to our shops, your reservation is appreciated by phone in advance, because of avoiding SOLD OUT.

We expect to meet you in our shops in near future !

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